About Us

At Revival Furniture we are a positive bunch. The magic is in our attitude and our way of life.  We like to look for the best in things - whether it be an old discarded chair with good bones or discovering a marvellous woollen blanket in the back of a linen cupboard.  It is in these things that we see potential.  Revival Furniture carries this feel-good factor.  We breathe life into quirky retro-style furniture by upholstering it with beautiful vintage woollen blankets.  The result invigorates even the dullest of rooms.  Revival Furniture has a voice that can spark a laugh and trigger a nostalgic moment. Our furniture makes you smile.

Our Process

We are constantly on the lookout for unique retro chairs.  But not just any old chair - it has to be a statement of its time.  We love the process of reviving an old gem and are obsessed with the wild goose chase in order to find one.  Once found, we then revive the piece by upholstering it in iconic New Zealand made woollen blankets.  Our upholsterer is a master craftsman and he then reupholsters each piece by hand.  The result is truly unique. Not one chair nor blanket the same.

Now there is more to these blankets than meets the eye.  These colourful beauties bear a sense of nostalgia; woven in a time when woollen mills were strewn across the country.  Although most woollen mills are now, sadly, a thing of the past many of the blankets are still about.  They themselves have already stood the test of time - and it is this quality for which we have enormous respect. 

An integral part of our design is working with the blanket’s original label whenever possible.  By incorporating this proud statement of which woollen mill the blanket was made in, we aim to pay homage to this slice of our New Zealand heritage.  Revival Furniture is proud to be using these beautiful blankets to upholster our chairs.